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Sanjeev Jain, COO, Wipro Limited

Sanjeev Jain, COO, Wipro Limited

IT major Wipro has seen the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in its existing projects rise by as much as 140 per cent since the launch of its ai360 strategy last year, a top company executive said.

In July last year, Wipro committed to invest $1 billion in advancing AI capabilities over the next three years. As part of this, it launched ‘Wipro ai360’, an “AI-first innovation ecosystem” with the goal of integrating AI into every platform, tool, and solution used internally as well as offered to clients.

“Since the launch of our ai360 strategy last year, Wipro has seen increased AI use cases by 65 per cent, increased AI adoption in existing engagements by 140 per cent, and increased industry-specific AI-led solutions by 40 per cent,” Sanjeev Jain, chief operating officer, Wipro told Business Standard.

“AI is an area of differentiation for Wipro. We currently see significant growth in projects infused with AI and expect the impact of AI on our business to continue to grow,” said Jain.

For Wipro, the demand for its AI services is coming from key industry verticals like financial services, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, and asset-heavy industries like manufacturing and energy & utilities.

Wipro has been training its employees on AI and generative AI (GenAI) and 225,000 employees have already completed the basic GenAI 101 programme, and more than 30,000 employees have completed advanced levels of training. “Our goal is to continue to upskill and reskill all our employees on AI technologies, based on their roles and functions,” said Jain.

Wipro has formed partnerships with IIT Delhi, IISc Bengaluru, as well as University of Maryland and South Carolina to advance research and development and nurture the next generation of talent and is working with partners like Microsoft, Google, and AWS to provide training and certifications to employees. Wipro has recently launched the Wipro Credentialing Programme, a suite of certifications designed to set industry benchmarks for excellence.

Wipro is seeing huge interest from clients in the adoption of AI and GenAI with many of them ready to move to the next phase of implementation. “We see the infusion of GenAI across business areas as something pervasive and imminent. While there have been early adopters and a ton of experiments conducted in 2023, we see clients increasingly being more literate about both the possibilities and limitations of this technology, thereby getting ready to move to the next steps,” said Jain.

“We have an increasing number of our GenAI projects being delivered with the right level of human-in-loop and responsible AI tenets being factored into the solution. Initial benefit yield has been encouraging, as GenAI is tending to deliver superior stakeholder experience, revenue generation insights, and of course, cost optimisation,” added Jain.

Earlier this week, Wipro launched its Lab45 AI platform, which leverages GenAI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies to help companies increase efficiencies and build industry-specific solutions. With over 1,000 GenAI agents and more than 10 GenAI applications, the platform claims to offer no code and low code pre-built applications for HR, sales, marketing, and operations functions, while also allowing for the easy creation of industry-specific GenAI agents and applications.

First Published: Jun 13 2024 | 4:38 PM IST

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Sanjeev Jain, COO, Wipro Limited 3 min read Last Updated : Jun 13 2024 | 4:38 PM IST IT major Wipro has seen the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in its existing projects rise by as much as 140 per cent since the launch of its ai360 strategy last year, a top company executive…